Selling Your Home

Establishing Market Value

Selling your home can be a stressful but also a very emotional process. When it comes time to part with one's home, Sellers can sometimes have unrealistic ideas about the home's value. In addition to the wonderful memories one may have accumulated and treasured in a home, there is often an assumption among Sellers that recent investment in a roof or new HVAC system should have an equal and direct impact on a home's asking price. Though they have value to potential buyers, these home improvements do not equate to a dollar for dollar return when it comes to pricing a home to sell.  The first two weeks after listing are the most critical for selling one's home. Many Sellers assume putting a higher price on their home to test the waters is a good idea because they can always drop the price. This is a potentially costly mistake. Because most buyers shop by price range, overpricing prevents the very buyers, who are ideal candidates for the home, from ever seeing it - especially in those first two critical weeks.  If you miss that target audience, there is a greater chance your home can get "shop worn" and, as a result, end up selling for less than market value.


My role as you agent is to help ascertain and establish the proper list price by comparing recently sold homes that are similar. These are known as comparables. In addition, I suggest ways to make your home attractive to the the largest number of qualified and eligible buyers.