Preparing your Home to Sell

Things you need to locate and provide to your realtor a copy of, if possible

  • Your legal description (attached to your warranty deed)

  • A survey if you have one

  • Most recent tax bills 

  • Utility bills for the past year (many Buyers like to review)

  • Any warranties on 

    • Roofs, 

    • Water Heaters, 

    • HVAC systems and     

    • Appliances

    • Flooring


Things you need or should do

It is important to be proactive as a Seller. A house that shows rotted trim or water stained ceilings sound alarm bells and cause buyers to scrutinize a home even more. These things imply the house has not been well maintained. This also applies to smells from old carpet and/or upholstery. It is imperative to present your home in its best light to potential buyers

  • A fresh coat of paint goes a long way to freshen up a home

  • Repair any damaged walls or ceilings

  • Clean or replace carpets and/or rugs, if necessary

  • Have home thoroughly cleaned prior to listing

  • Have windows cleaned and remove any screens

  • De-clutter home including cabinets, closets, attics, bookshelves, countertops  and basements

  • Clean up outdoor spaces including yards, decks and porches to make them inviting. Rake up leaves and pressure wash walkways, stairs, patios and/or decks, if necessary.

  • Stage outside areas with potted plants with colorful plantings and add a sitting area on patios, decks or porches, if possible. Even if you just have a front stoop make it inviting.

  • Never leave important documents or belongings (prescription drugs, important jewelry, etc) out during open houses or showings. Secure these things in a safe place

  • If you see any evidence of mold address it before listing.  

  • Make arrangements for pets during showings

  • Termite Bonds are very appealing to Buyers.


Documents that need completed prior to listing

There are certain documents that are require prior to or within days of listing a property.

  • A signed Listing Agreement - this establishes the price for the listing, the term of the listing and the commission.

  • A completed and signed Seller’s Property Disclosure

  • A completed and signed Lead Base Paint Exhibit if any portion of the home was built before 1978

  • If subject property is in Unincorporated Dekalb a Low Flow Plumbing Exhibit