Loan Officers (listed alphabetically)

These are loan officers my Buyers have used that have done a good job but feel ree to seek out your own loan officer

Jason Conn 

FifthThird Bank

Office: 404-279-4563 

Cell: 404-210-6663


Ann Falconer

Shelter Mortgage

Cell:(404) 680-3274

Fax:(888) 332-9612


Rob Glancy

Rate Capital Inc

Cell: 404-661-8719



Mark Milam - Senior Loan Officer 

Northpointe Mortgage - Production Manager 

Mobile: 404.395.1102 |Office: 404.266.5110 | 

fax: 404.506.9484


Karafotias Realty

1341 Clairmont RD, Suite B

Decatur, GA 30033

404-321-0030 ext 232


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